In 1987, just out of high school, I joined the US Marine Corps. I had the honor and privilege of serving in an environment where integrity, discipline, and unselfishness quickly became second nature and a way of life. My time in the Marines helped to shape my character, and I proudly carry those same values with me today.

After 8 years of service, I had received numerous awards and decoration and traveled the globe. At the end of my second enlistment, having obtained the rank of Sergeant, I chose to end my military career, receiving an honorable discharge. I decided to pursue a career in the construction and remodeling industry. I enjoyed working in this field for several years. Unfortunately, the housing market's major decline forced me to move on.

By this point in time, my loving wife Suzanne and I had been blessed with a complete and beautiful family: four wonderful young men, Justin, Dalton, Logan & Troy.

The next chapter would see me devote 20-plus years to the manufacturing industry, where I started at the bottom and climbed the ranks. Eventually I would become a member of the executive management team for a fortune 500 company.

One day it hit me and I'd been struck with a revelation. I saw an opportunity to utilize all of my skills and know-how, and apply them to making a positive difference while having fun doing it. Thus, TW Home Inspections LLC was born.

Combining experience, professionalism, exceptional quality and superior customer service, TW Home Inspections adds a genuine family touch when helping provide "informed decisions" for our clients.

We serve potential home buyers, home sellers looking to identify minor and major defects prior to listing a home on the market, or for home owners simply looking for unbiased feedback as they seek to increase the value of their existing homes.

We take personally our clients' best interest, and above all, you can be confident when your inspection is complete with final report in hand, you will TRUST you can make the right decision for your family, and future.

"Integrity is doing that thing which is right, when no one is looking"
Col. Colin Lampard, USMC

Todd M. Wertman

Todd M. Wertman

Principal & Founder